Proserpine Nursing Home provides accommodation, care and support for people who can no longer live at home. As we age, the daily tasks of living can become more difficult. We are a fully-accredited aged care facility and our team are very passionate and caring. Some Staff have been with us from the moment we opened our door almost 30 years ago.

We understand our community and their needs. This means allowing you to live in a way that is meaningful to you, where you feel secure and respected, where you can have private, relaxing moments as well as opportunities to be as active as you choose, socialise and build connections with other residents.

Mission Statement

Proserpine Nursing Home is committed to delivering premium quality aged care services to our residents and their families through continuous quality improvement, with a focus on a consumer directed care.

Our Values

We value our residents:

  • privacy and dignity
  • choice and decision making
  • independence through encouragement
  • by providing excellence in care
  • by continuously improving

We value our staff:

  • encouraging their development through training and education for better work practices
  • encouraging their rights to a safe work place
  • as equals and important individuals

Our Vision

It is our vision to maintain our values of the organisation and be responsive to the community’s needs and expectations whilst retaining and meeting regulatory compliance under the aged care act and the aged care single quality framework.

We are committed to respecting and valuing diversity and inclusiveness of all Residents within the nursing home.

Quality of Care

At Proserpine Nursing Home we believe it’s important that aged care services provided are appropriate, accessible and sensitive to the diverse individual needs of older Australians.

Proserpine Nursing Home is committed to providing the best care for our residents in a safe, secure, respectful, inclusive and culturally safe homelike environment with an emphasis on quality of life regardless of background, life experience, culture or sexuality.

Types of Care

Ageing in Place

Ageing in Place allows you to remain in the same facility and, in most cases, the same room – as your care needs increase. Your individualised care plan is regularly updated to reflect your unique requirements.

Dementia Care

Dementia Care provides targeted services, specialised staff and facilities to support residents with early to advanced stages of dementia.

Palliative Care

Palliative Care offers sensitive support to residents nearing the end of their life. Our specialist staff provide comfort and quality of life for residents, family and friends.

Respite Care

Respite Care provides short-term care and support for people whose carers are unable to meet usual care arrangements or who need an extra level of temporary support.

Consumer Directed Care

Consumer Directed Care (CDC) is a model of service delivery designed to give more choice and flexibility to consumers. Consumers who receive care will have more control over the types of care and services they access and the delivery of those services, including who delivers the services and when.

  • Proserpine Nursing Home boasts a welcoming administration, excellent floor management with inviting rooms, good meals and wonderfully caring nursing staff - indeed a home away from home.
    Kay Pini
  • I have worked in many homes over 35 years and I must say this is the best of the lot. We have everything we need to give the care and and love to our residents staff and management are terrific couldn’t ask for a nicer place to work. I would have no hesitation if it came down to having to put my family or myself in PNH.
    Jackee Austin
    Proserpine Nursing Home